Meet the Founder:

Traditional Naturopath

Founder of Heights of Health (Houston, TX)

Creator of Mind Body Spirit Release™

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Certified Natural Health Practitioner

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What do the various levels of MBSRcertification mean? 

See below for detailed descriptions of each level: 


Master Practitioner 

Level 3

Level 2

Level 1

In order to be certified by Tracy as an MBSRPractitioner, each student is trained through a combination of live, interactive seminars and/or in-person workshops, individual instruction, and tested for understanding and proficiency in material.


Starting with level 1, each level of certification builds on the prior skills with increasing complexity and depth regarding emotional + spiritual support. 

Master MBSR™ Practitioners

These Practitioners have completed all three levels of certification, as well as annual modules to increase
knowledge and expertise.


They have all apprenticed personally with Tracy Southwick at Heights of Health and have practiced MBSR for more than 3 years.

Master practitioners utilize the following additional resources when testing:

Brain blocks

Business blocks

Dental health

Receptor sites

Gateway (patterns/cycles)




Expanded Spiritual, Nervous System, and Miasm charts

Level 3 MBSR™ Practitioners

Level 3 builds upon Level 2, incorporating the following kinds of clearings: 

Generational Blocks
Spiritual Blocks

Level 2 MBSR™ Practitioners

Level two uses Pendulum/Ideomotor Response Testing (optional) for greater efficiency.

Level 2 goes further in depth into clearing Limiting Beliefs, addressing specific Events and working with the Nervous System. 

 Clearing blocks in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems and Vagus Nerve. Clearing emotions with

Hormones and Neurotransmitters.

 Clearing emotions and limiting beliefs with Organs/Glands/Tissues. Clearings around People and Places. Clearing

Relationships and Specific Events.

Level 1 MBSR™ Practitioners

Muscle/Energy Testing Techniques
Creating Supplement Programs

Mitochondrial Health and Detoxification through Emotional Clearing
Addressing Emotions Imprinted on Pathogens and Biofilm
Clearing Emotional Blocks from Specific Organs and Glands. 
Clearing Emotions from Scars and in the Spine.


Adding Emotional Clearing to Chiropractic Work.
Remote and In-Person Techniques for Energy Clearing.

Clearing Dis-Resonance between People to Improve Relationships and Retention of Clients/Patients.

Clearing animals.