The Whole Health Course

Coming VERY soon!

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or new to the field of holistic health, you can learn from the Whole Health Course by the Mind Body Spirit Release™ Academy. The classes will be released as pre-recorded video modules, each one focused on a specific area of the body. Although the modules are centered on a particular area/system of the body, all will be created with the understanding that the body is a flow system, and everything in the body’s field is connected. Each module will include anatomy and physiology basics, as well as areas of concern/possible symptoms of dysfunction/disease processes and potential natural solutions. Students will learn many clues to indicate problem areas to help them better assess clients and patients. Additionally, every module gives a holistic viewpoint, looking at the mind, body, and spirit aspects.

As the modules are released, students can purchase them individually. Eventually, once they are all completed, they will be packaged as a certification course. Every module will have a test to demonstrate comprehension of the material that must be passed before moving to the next module. The first module to be released will be “The Cell (with a focus on the cell membrane and mitochondria).”

Stay tuned for the release of these modules via our website, Kajabi, or IG account!