$2,250.00 USD

Foundational (Level 1) Mind Body Spirit Release™ Training: May 2024

This Foundational Training begins May 28th. We will discuss Module 1 and have some class introductions. This course combines pre-recorded course information and LIVE discussion calls following each module. Attendance for discussion calls is expected but they are recorded because sometimes a person has to miss a call.
The schedule will be:

Tuesday, May 28th at 6PM CST - Live Call to review Module 1, release Module 2

Friday, May 31st at 10AM CST - Live call to review Module 2, release Module 3 

Tuesday, June 4th at 6PM CST - Live call to review Module 3, release Module 4

Friday, June 7th at 10AM CST - Live call to review Module 4, release Module 5

Tuesday, June 11th at 6PM CST - Live call to review Module 5, release Module 6

Friday, June 14th at 10AM CST - Final call to review Module 6 

When registering, please include the email you use most often as we need to send you additional paperwork and communications for the course. We do not give/sell your information, it is just very important for us to have so we can communicate with you. 

Module 1: The Importance of Emotional Clearing. Learn the ways in which the body holds onto emotions. Why it is important to release emotional blocks..  How to change your subconscious programming and how to raise your vibration for more effective healing.

Module 2: Learn to Muscle/Energy Test
Learn several ways to muscle test yourself and others, including Proxy and Surrogate muscle testing. Learn tips and techniques to improve. Learn the quantum physics of how remote energy testing and clearing works.
Module 3: Performing Mind Body Spirit Release™ Clearings.
Learn the process and learn how to work on yourself and others.
Module 4: Proxy & Dis-Resonance Clearings.
Learn how to address blocks (Dis-Resonance) between people to improve relationships in all areas of your life.  Learn how to use yourself and others for proxy clearings. Learn about action steps and how they will help you and your clients/patients get the best results.
Module 5: Clearing in the Body.
Learn how to address organs, glands and tissues.  Learn how to address emotional blocks in scars and within the spine.
Module 6: Animals/Vibrance/Foundational Flow.
Learn how to use MBSR on animals, Learn about the Vibrance imprint for success and prosperity in all areas of your life. Learn how to put it all together so you can run a session.
Upon completion of all modules in the first course, you will have the opportunity to become certified as a Mind Body Spirit Release™ Foundational Practitioner and listed in our website database (first year free!) so potential clients can find you to take advantage of this great technique. To maintain certification, practitioners must participate in continuing education to maintain certification and charge for services. 
All students receive a free Master-Level clearing with either Amanda or Cheryl.

If you apply for Level 1 and are not accepted, we will issue a full refund. Please complete the application on our website at:   https://www.mindbodyspiritrelease.com/practitionertraining

If you are outside the US, there are additional shipping costs. Only materials mailed in the US is covered by class tuition. Additional time is needed to ship internationally, so please sign-up early.

If you register within 5 days of class date, you may not receive your materials on time. Electronic versions will be sent so you can participate, but please note your materials may arrive after class has begun. Kits and lasers are not used until Module 3.