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Mind Body Spirit ReleaseAcademy is Fully Accredited by the Association of Drugless Practitioners

Level 2 Certified Practitioners can apply to be Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioners (HHP), which includes the following benefits:

  • Free Patient Referrals

  • Licensed Laboratories for Non-Invasive Tests

  • Consultations on "How to Increase Your Practice"

  • State Licensing Board Assistance

  • Referral For Professional Liability Insurance

  • A One Time Board Certification Fee

  • Professional Affiliation

  • AADP Board Certification certificate

Level One Training - Mind Body Spirit Release ™ Level 1

The next online Level One Training will begin on January 11th, presented in 6 modules each on Tuesdays (6 PM - 8:30 PM CST) and Fridays (10AM - 12:30 PM CST). The dates are 01/14, 01/18, 01/21, 01/25, 01/28. The modules will be offered live via Zoom, but recordings will be available to participants. 

On February 10th, an optional workshop will be offered at Heights of Health Clinic in Houston, Texas for an additional $150 fee (students can attend in-person or virtually). The level two training will begin the next day on February 11th and continue until the 12th. 

Upon completion of all modules in the first course, participants will have the opportunity to become certified as a Mind Body Spirit Release™ Level 1 Practitioner and listed in our website database (first year free!) so potential clients can find them to take advantage of this great technique. To maintain certification, practitioners must complete a continuing education module annually.

Module 1: Intro to Energy and Emotional Clearing. Why it is important, how it facilitates more effective programs/protocols, how to show your clients the importance of emotional clearing and balance for true wellness. Course overview.

Module 2: Energy/Muscle Testing. Multiple techniques will be taught to help you use Mind Body Spirit Release™ on yourself and others. You will learn how to energy test yourself, as well as other people, and how to explain energy testing clearly to others.


Module 3: How to perform MBSR™. Remote Clearing techniques. Surrogate and Proxy Clearing.

Module 4: Protecting your Personal Energy. Techniques to improve emotional work and support clients with
their mind, body spirit wellness in the clinic and at home.

Module 5:  Clearing emotional blocks from specific organs and glands. Clearing emotions from scars and in the
spine. Clearing blocks to allowing positive emotions/states in the body. Adding emotional clearing to chiropractic work.

Module 6: Clearing Dis-Resonance between people to improve relationships and increase client/patient
retention. Improving Mitochondrial Health and Detoxification through emotional clearing. Addressing emotions
imprinted on pathogens and biofilm. Clearing animals. Clearing for Prosperity and Success. Intro to Mind Body
Spirit Release™ Level 2.

Watch for more information on Level 1 training

Level Two Training - Mind Body Spirit Release™ Level 2

Following the completion of Level 1, Practitioners can participate in Level 2 training. Level 2 builds on Level 1, going much further in depth. It is taught over 2 days in person, at our clinic in Houston, but can also be taken virtually. Recordings will be available to participants.


The upcoming dates for Level 2: 02/11, 02/12

After completing Level 2, certified practitioners can apply (for an additional fee) to become Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioners (HHP).

*All course material is subject to change, but the following subject matter is what is typically addressed:

Learning Ideomotor Response Testing (Pendulum Testing) for more efficient testing. How to create and work from an Intention/Goal specific to the patient/client. How to use charts and clearing sheets for testing. Testing for Personal Resonance and clearing with Emotions/Emotional Conditions Charts.

Testing for and clearing Limiting Beliefs. Researching to uncover deeper blocks behind what surfaces for the patient/client. Clearing blocks in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems and the Vagus Nerve. Clearing emotions with Hormones and Neurotransmitters.

Clearing emotions and limiting beliefs with Areas of the Body (Organs/Glands/Tissues). Clearings around People and Places. Clearing Relationships and Specific Events. Using Restorative Emotions. Working with Affirmations. Lifestyle Recommendations. Putting it all together – using charts to determine how to proceed with patients/clients. Intro to Level 3

Watch for more information on Levels 2 & 3 

Level Three Training - Mind Body Spirit Release™ 

Following the completion of Level 2, Practitioners can advance to Level 3 training. This is a much more in-depth training focusing on deeper emotional, energetic and spiritual blocks. It is done in Module format like Level 1.

The dates for the next Level 3 training are: 2/22, 2/25, 3/1, 3/4 – 6 PM CST on Tuesdays and 10AM CST on Fridays.

*All course matter is subject to change, but the following subject matter is what is typically addressed:

Students will learn how to uncover and address generational blocks to healing. These are belief systems that are passed down through generations and often create the lens through which we experience our lives and see the world.

In this level, there will be a lot of focus on the spiritual aspect of healing which includes clearing spiritual blocks and learning techniques that can help keep the body and mind clear and focused to be the most effective practitioners. The presenters have a Christian background, but all faiths can benefit from these techniques.

Students will also learn how to address blocks associated with meridians, chakras, elements, and miasms. Many more topics will be included, and the class is often tailored to the students and their desires to advance.

Included in Level 1 course fee

Manual (Electronic Version)
Mind Body Spirit Release ™ Frequency- Imprinted Emotional Clearing Kit
Mind Body Spirit Release™ Frequency-Imprinted Clearing Laser Light
Access to recordings of trainings for reference
Access to private group for support and community
Certification test
Listing on our website upon certification (first year free, yearly renewal of certification required)
One deeply discounted Mind Body Spirit Release™ session with a certified practitioner

One optional workshop ($150)- lunch included
Affiliate or Wholesale status with TriVibrance™ Oils


Level One Training: $1800 for course and materials

Level one training must be completed before advancing to level two. 

Level Two Training: $1500 for course and materials

Level Three Training: $1500 for course and materials

To apply for the level 1 training, download the document to the right and email it to: Training@heightsofhealth.com

If you register/pay for the course and your application is not accepted, we will issue a full refund. 

I understand that this course it to learn about holistic health and spiritual practices. The training is at all times restricted to education on the subject of holistic health matters intended for the maintenance of the best possible state of spiritual well being, are never intended to be a replacement for professional counseling/therapy and do not involve the diagnosing, treating, or prescribing of remedies for disease. I recognize that the practitioners are not a medical doctors or licensed therapists.