$2,100.00 USD

Advanced (Level 2) Mind Body Spirit Release™ Training: August 2024

Following the completion of the Foundational training Practitioners can participate in the Advanced Mind Body Spirit Release™ training. This class combines pre-recorded modules and live discussion calls. Advanced Mind Body Spirit Release™ introduces a totally new way of practicing this modality, giving it depth and complexity.

The class schedule is: 

August 27th at 6PM CDT- Live call to review Module 1, release Module 2
September 3rd 6PM CDT - Live call to review Module 2, release Module 3
September 10th 6PM CDT - Live call and review Module 3, release Module 4
September 17th 6PM CDT - Live call to review Module 4

*All course material is subject to change, but the following subject matter is what is typically addressed:

  • Learning Ideomotor Response Testing (Pendulum Testing) for more efficient testing. How to create and work from an Intention/Goal specific to the patient/client. How to use charts and clearing sheets for testing. Testing for Personal Resonance and researching/layering information to give deeper understanding.

  • Some of the information covered will be addressing Emotional States, Limiting Beliefs. Hormones and Neurotransmitters, Organs/Glands/Tissues, Body Systems, People/Places, Events and more

  • Additional information covered is learning the importance of Restorative Emotions, expanded Action Steps, and additional energy protection and clearing techniques

Due to the educational nature and downloadable content of this course, this purchase is non-refundable.