$300.00 USD

The Reclamation Module: Advanced Level

Reclamation: Approaching Motherhood with a Renewed Perspective. 

**This module is for Advanced Level Practitioners. If you are Professional Level, there is a separate module for you.**

We often describe MBSR as a catalyst of change, and that’s our desire- that this module will assist in creating a path for people to have a redemptive experience on subjects surrounding motherhood. If you’re not a mom at this point or you don’t plan to be, this module could still be useful for you as a practitioner. This content encompasses many experiences within the realm of parenthood that could be helpful for your client base. 

This Advanced level module includes:

-A glossary of intention examples covering topics such as: Conception, Pregnancy, Pregnancy after loss, Birth, Birth Trauma, Postpartum, Fostering, and Adoption

Expanded materials for:
Emotional States (350+)
Miscellaneous Blocks (States of Being)
Limiting Beliefs (15+ NEW pages!)
People & Places

As well as a completely new section:

-Comprehensive Chart: 600+ prompts covering a wide range of topics such as women’s health, men’s health, general health, and more!

This module also includes a guide containing information about:

-Care Considerations chart: 50+ tools/modalities/therapies for client support

-Fine-tuning your testing skills
-Improving the client experience
-Strategies for fellow Mama-Practitioners looking for ways to help improve energy levels & set healthy energetic boundaries when working with others (as well as tips for Mama clients!)
-Additional Resources: a collection of courses, guides, & other sources to learn more about various topics

For each new chart or extended material, there is a corresponding instructional video for each section. 

Due to the educational nature and downloadable content of this course, this purchase is non-refundable.