$1,100.00 USD

Holistic Wellness Approach™ September Class

This course is for practitioners who have a background in the body systems and have been certified/licensed in the holistic health field. 
***Your application must be approved before you can pay for this class. You may access it here:   Holistic Wellness Approach Application
Have you wanted to be able to put together effective individualized protocols for your clients but are
unsure how to create them? The Holistic Wellness Approach™ offers the framework you need to develop programs for your clients/patients taking them through the process of supporting key elements of energy production, cellular health, drainage support and microbial/toxin/toxicant detoxification. The system was developed through decades of experience working with the natural flow of the body to create effective restorative health programs.
What further sets this approach apart is its truly holistic nature. Your recommendations will take all
aspects of health into account so that your personalized plan is effective and actionable, leading to
compliance and great results. Clients and patients will feel confident and inspired as you guide them through a systematic process based on the unique design of their body, focused on their needs and goals.

Students are required to have some background in how the body works before taking this class and
must submit proof of certification/license in the field. Although students will be taught how to incorporate the MBSR Method™ into this material, there is not a requirement to be certified in Mind Body Spirit Release™ to take this course but no aspect of the MBSR Method™  will be taught in this course.
The first videos will be released a couple weeks before the first class once the materials are mailed out to give the students time to watch and practice and turn in some homework.  Students will participate in a total of 3 live discussion classes that will take place on September 6th, 27th, and October 18th from 10AM-12PM Central Time. Students will watch a series of class videos and practice and then attend Class 1. Afterwards they will watch another set of videos and attend Class 2. Class 3 is a class to ask questions and get better clarification after practicing HWA. 
The last day to register for this class is August 16th as you will need time to review materials and practice prior to our 1st discussion call. 
 There will be a certification process after the final class. 
If you live in another country, please allow additional time for shipping materials. Also, there will be additional shipping costs. 
Here's what one of our students had to say:
“I loved the Holistic Wellness Approach course! It allowed me to take all that I have learned from other MBSR courses, CellCore workshops, and create a completely unique style of session for my clients. Tracy, Amanda, and Cheryl are always so generous with their knowledge and time!” -ED
"This is the BEST investment I have ever made." - HS
"I think this is an easy and efficient way to implement testing the body and starting at the foundational cellular issues first then working outward from there to help the body heal. It is a great resource for practitioners to elevate their care to the next level. I appreciate the attention to addressing lifestyle changes and not just solely focusing on supplements!" RH