$1,900.00 USD

Professional (Level 3) Mind Body Spirit Release™ October Training

Following the completion and certification of  the Advanced MBSR Method™ training, Practitioners can continue to the Professional level. This deepens the MBSR Method™ practice by focusing on deeper emotional, energetic and spiritual blocks.

This is a summer intensive and all class material and discussion calls will be covered in 1 week (vs. 3 weeks). The class will take place online June 24th, 26th, 28th from 10AM-12PM Central Time. Pre-recorded materials will be watched during this week too. 

Registration deadline is June 1st! You need time to receive your materials, watch the videos and submit homework prior to the June 24th class. 


  • Students will learn how to uncover and address generational blocks to healing. These are belief systems that are passed down through generations and often create the lens through which we experience our lives and see the world.

  • Students learn about spiritual aspect of healing, meaning what is keeping you from God and being your best self. Students will also learn how to address blocks associated with meridians, chakras, elements, relationships, paradigms, interference and miasms. 
  • Students will also learn several energy protection and clearing techniques and tools to create more harmony in life.  

If you register within 5 days of class date, you may not receive your materials on time. Electronic versions will be sent so you can participate, but please note your materials may arrive after class has begun.

Due to the educational nature and downloadable content of this course, this purchase is non-refundable.